04.09.04 2:32 pm
im so unfit!

my mind just went completely blank. im thinking i should just take him off my buddy list. im a hopeless case.

i dont understand mrs k-b. why on earth should we stay after class for an hour just to sit around? espcially since this is the begining of spring break? hm? nothing good became of it. i said something totally appauling, jake made me feel uncomfortable (on about three seperate occasions), and i realized that i had been walking around practially all day with my shirt unbuttoned about half way. i still dont understand why people wont just tell you these things? i had to get a ride home from jakes brother, and i sat in "jeffs seat". just the fact that i added that like it was important makes me even more hopeless. hope-less.

so, river stages. i might go with the guys from my world geo class. im not sure though. i only want to see incubus, the strokes, and the foo fighters. or is it just plain "foo fighters"? i hope theyre all playing on one day, because i dont want to buy a three day pass and have to sit through performances that i dont really care for. i guess i could just hang out though.

faren finally came and picked up her little dog yesterday. i was so freakin happy to get rid of that little rat! though he is sweet, his little territorial thing was getting quite old. so anywho, she picked him up and against my wishes (i sound so corny!) she left austin with us. bleh! why is it that little kids dont understand the concept of "down time"?

today im going to make my way over to goodwill and pick up a pair of shoes for my art project. if im lucky i might be able to find a few neat things as well. anywho! the project is called, "shoes on a destination" and we have to decorate a pair of shoes as if theyre going somewhere and everyone else has to be able to figure out where theyre going. all i can come up with is a rave. i think its pretty creative, but i dunno how mrs kandros will take to all the ecstasy refrences. i already have an idea of what theyre going to look like. its going to be awesome. if i could think of something else to do, i would, but i just cant get "rave" out of my head! i think it was that abc special on ecstasy. yeah.

i just ordered some buttons from keith harings pop shop! theyre so awesome! after that little report, im really into his art, and im so happy i can buy things like that. they also have pretty neat patched and cd cases and bags and shirts... i think im going to get a jacket from there next year.

moms finally back from her walk. as soon as she takes a shower and i clean up a bit around here, were going to go get all my supplies and stuff. i need a new cd case, too. the days already like, half over. it doesnt feel like friday.

ugh, that reminds me. i really dont want to go to church sunday. bleh. easter sunday. *waits to get struck down by lightning* i know, i dont actually have to go to chruch as ill be working the nursery, but this will be the sunday my mom tries to make me go to sunday school and will win. i dont mind wearing skirts to school cause thats totally optional, but i hate dressing up for chruch.

im such a fucking brat.

its been real.