04.19.04 5:11 pm
i am spanish spy and i am a girl!

i wonder what my teeth would look like if i had let nature take its course. i shouldve been british.

i just got back from the orthodontist. ive got to get more impressions taken. damn i hate those things! i was going to have them done today, but i really dont want those butch women doing it. i hate it at dr koens, its so impersonal. i think for what were being paid, us kids should be getting a bit more attention. hello? ive taken two (or three?) sets of impressions there already, you stupid people should know that i have horrible gagging habits and shit. damnit i need that fast acting crap! and none of you dykes, no, no, get away from my mouth!


today jake told me i remind him of an over developed eleven year old girl. i dont know what to say to that. we talked a lot fourth block. it was kinda weird. i hate that its him that i tell everything to. its weird.

oh, oh, oh, oh, ooooh! i want that feeling again. *sigh*

ive been so happy the past two days. i think its the art. it just makes me so... ah!

ive lost my train of though.

haha, whitney just imed me. that reminded me of the lion we drew in geometry, and the messed-up conan o'brien, and the jesus colby drew. good times.

jeff looked oh-so-nice today. shut.the.fuck.up.allyson.! al;skdfj;kasdf!

its spring! la-de-dah! oh the lovely weather!

dads making copies of the nova keys. heh heh, now i can sneak that car out whilst everyone is away. but you know i wont. im much too afraid.

it was nice seeing everyone at school today. i got many hugs from those cute little kids in my geography class. then at the end, i got served. i guess i was kinda asking for it though. oh man! we got another new kid in that class today. it was so funny, dusty woke up and was like, "whos this kid?" because he came in while he was sleeping. so funny. im mad at mrs elmore though, she didnt introduce him to the class. what kind of teacher is she?

that numbing crap is wearing off. i hate not being able to feel the back of my throat. i ate a cookie and it was soooo weird. it was like it dissapeared for a bit and then appeared further down. hahaha.

ok, i think im done. off to play online pictionary-ish games! isketch! or inklink, but i forgot the link for that one.

its been real.