05.02.04 9:44 am
"two faces have iiiiii-iiiii-yi-yi-yi-yi-yiiiiii-iiiii"

yes, i, allyson cate golden, got a detention on a saturday night. hahaha, it was sooooo worth it though, and i dont care. detentions arent anything anyways.

so saturday really sucked untill around 7ish, but even then it sucked for the fact that we were at school. i woke up and got ready and had to be at school at one. it felt fucking gorgeous outside and i had to be holed up backstage. jake brought his little girlfriend (shes real!) and walked around with her, holding hands the whole time. it was weird to see. i wouldntve thought anyone would find him attractive, but im being totally mean. so everyone was pretty down for the matinee. we came up with another euphamizm though. let me fill you in on the original two.

"shooting hoops" = smoking pot

"going fishing" = getting drunk

"watching shrek" = having sex

get ready because i will be using them whenever the opportunity arises. anywho! so yeah.

actually, i dont feel like writing anymore. long story short, me ashley adam and daniel sang during the play and pissed everyone off. thats how we earned our detentions. it was freakin hilarious though. all during the night performance we were delerious and laughing and coming up with all this crap... it was sooo funny. kerry was unusually uptight though, he kept telling us to be quiet and act right and stuff. it was weird.

maybe later.

its been real.