08.04.04 1:23 pm
my cell phone is singing to me.

im ready for school. bring it on. i bought a little organizer so i can get with it this year. ive already made covers for it, though theyre a bit corny. oh well.

im in love with these trousers i got at american eagle. and i got a couple pairs of pretty flattering jeans if i do say so myself. which i just did. ive only gotten two shirts so far. but im not so uppity about clothes this year. i dont really care that much anymore. and i find that pretty cool.

however, i really want another pair of sneakers. haha, i love sneakers. i just bought myself a pair of navy vans not long ago, but my mom still wants to buy me a pair. no conplaints here. i think i might revisit those amazing pair of adidas.

i have an apointment with my endocrynologist at 3. my hba1c (er, hga1c?) um, hemoglobin a1c will probably be 10%. thats 4 points above normal. so i will be in for another lecture and blah blah possibly threats of revoking my pump and going back to shots. whoop-dee-fucking-do. its true though, when youre a teenager it seems like youve got forever ahead of you. i cant shake my feeling of immortality.

i have, however, gained 5lbs in the last few months. i dont really know why. maybe its just my utter laziness. anywho, im really displeased so ill be working on that.

well, id better get ready. mom says we have to leave for nashville in an hour.


its been real.